I had no idea about Sound Design before I started. I was confused and didn’t even understand how ADSR worked! Now I am using envelopes to create cool sounds with ease… and that’s just the start!

Rachel Hynec

Access the best sounds at the right time.

Finding the right sound can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Learn the fundamentals of synthesis and sampling and gain the depth of knowledge to shape sounds the way you want them or make your own sounds from scratch.

Create what no one else has: your personal sound.

Factory content is great, but everyone has it – your mix needs something special. Learn the art of sampling and synthesis and define the sound of your music using Native Instruments’ Komplete.

Featured Course

Sound Design Komplete Program

All six levels / 48 sessions

Become fluent in the language of sound design and synthesis with this comprehensive program. This six-level Sound Design program uses Native Instruments’ Komplete as a platform for learning synthesis and sampling techniques. Starting with an introduction to the properties of sound, this comprehensive series of courses covers the major techniques used for contemporary sound design.